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Shawna Rae



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Released on July 2019, Shawna Rae’s debut EP “Of Dreams and Dust” contrasts our struggle with reality as we know it and the truth of "What is too good to be real, but is more real than the air we breathe" (- Rich Mullins). Combined with folksy imagery drawn from nature and Biblical metaphors, it's an imaginative, soulful journey through song.

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The Caterpillar’s Last Waltz

This is the first single from the album! Click the artwork to listen!




Shawna Rae is a 24 year old singer/songwriter from western Iowa. Growing up on a farm, she learned to embrace the freedom and joy of the outdoors. Her early musical life was focused exclusively on classical violin, but in 2015 she started songwriting and discovered a whole new world!
Shawna's debut EP, "Of Dreams and Dust" was released in July of 2019. When not writing or playing music, she loves traveling, being with friends, and inspiring others through music lessons at her studio.


Upcoming Dates


October 14-21 - Manson, IA - Sukkot at The Rehearsal